A 2023 Retrospective

Look, this time, I'm on time. A short look back on 2023, just moments before it ends. (Much unlike the retrospective of 2022, which I published four months late.)

At the beginning of the year, I was pushing myself to "get out there," make myself seen and known…

But finally, I stopped. I thought of all the pain I had to go through when dealing people, their rumours and lies. Groups who collectively got to hate me or old girlfriends coming back to me to trash me more…

This year, I said no.

I said no to meeting people, dating, toxic connections, gossip…

I said yes to working on what I love, to finally accepting that I am indeed strange and quirky to the point many people are uncomfortable when meeting me. It's just who I am, so who I meet and who I am will often have a hard time finding a middle ground. I guess it's just how life is.

Instead of putting myself out there, I stayed inside. Working on my photography, my stories…

Somehow, as I worked harder on what I love, my art started to do the talking on its own for me.

It helped show some people who I am inside. Formating connections through that understanding so far works much better.

At the end, sure, I may have isolated myself into my own bubble for too long and cared poorly for the connections I already have. But sometimes that disassociation is what you need to look at yourself and let yourself grow.

While I'm certain there will be people who will have difficulty respecting the strange person I am, others will see through and will take a chance on me. I'm grateful to have met some who have done just that.

My art has been atracting some like-minded artists in the past few months. The hard work I've put it this year looks like it is only the beginning. I'm grateful to have met some people who understand and are willing to go past my awkwardness to connect with the person I truly am.

I look forward to what's ahead.

To all of you, a Happy New Year 2024 ✨