@ TOKYO ART TANK vol. 11

Artists of Tokyo Art Tank vol. 11

Artists of Tokyo Art Tank vol. 11 (from left to right, top to bottom): Johnny, Herman Bertelen, Joji Soma, Wen Fei, Liz Updyke, Adam & Young Digger, ?, Vincent Aimée, Stefan (& partner), Yoc, Harry Kazan, Benjamin Michel, Mana Echo Juretic, mymee, Craig Chivers, ?, Erik Bishop, Thom Smith, ?, Asami, ?, ?, ?, Lucid Moon, Michael Liddell-Monkee, Dali Rău, Jason Ponzuric, Miki Meguro, Carlos Sulpizio. Not pictured: Christina.

Tokyo Art Tank 第11回展示会のアーティスト(左から右、上から下に): JohnnyHerman BertelenJoji SomaWen FeiLiz UpdykeAdam & Young Digger、 ?、 Vincent AiméeStefan(と恋人)、 YocHarry KazanBenjamin MichelMana Echo JureticmymeeCraig Chivers、 ?、 Erik BishopThom Smith、 ?、 Asami、 ?、 ?、 ?、 Lucid MoonMichael Liddell-MonkeeDali RăuJason PonzuricMiki MeguroCarlos Sulpizio。 写真には写っていません: Christina

I’m grateful. For everyone who came to see my first exhibit at Tokyo Art Tank vol. 11 last week. And everyone who was involved in this group art event.

While I have never been to a summer camp when I was little, I imagine this was akin to one could experience as an adult.

I took a week off from my daywork to experience my first art show. In essence, for seven days, the gallery was my office, and the artists were practically my coworkers.

Everyday, I had a chance to try new things. I had opportunities to talk with other artists, meet people who live nearby, or curious travellers visiting from afar. Many of my friends dropped by and even some secret fans I didn’t know I have. We talked about the artwork in place and exchanged ideas to help each other grow.

How refreshing it was for people who were willing to talk about art instead of the job I do for the sake of income was well worth my time. The road ahead is still long, but someday I'd like to transition into a full-time career in creative work.

Wall space

I feel this was an important step for my art. After doing so much online for long, it was incredible to finally do it in person. I’ve already received ideas for new shoots and suggestions for other galleries where to exhibit my artwork. I can wait to see what happens next.

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